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IoT Connectivity

For IoT, Connectivity is Everything.

Reliable Global Network Connectivity is Everything

To successfully launch and scale your enterprise IoT deployments, you need network coverage that you can rely on. Our global roaming agreements ensure you always have the best IoT coverage worldwide with access to 600+ networks in 185 countries and counting. Looking for cellular IoT coverage on single or multiple networks? A private LTE network for your enterprise? NB-IoT or LTE-M connectivity? We offer you the most cutting-edge SIM technology, cellular connectivity and LPWAN at your fingertips.

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We’ve Got You Covered

Why Choose Us?

The Right Coverage For Your Application

Achieve reliable coverage for your Internet of Things devices, wherever they roam, with global IoT connectivity services tailored to your needs.

Global Connectivity Solutions

From the Americas to Asia Pacific, Europe to Africa, our agreements with network carriers around the world make launching and scaling your IoT application simple.

IoT Suite: One Pane of Glass

Simplify your operations by seamlessly controlling all aspects of your device connectivity via one centralized IoT management platform, IoT Suite.

Custom IoT Data Plans and Pricing

Local, national, or international IoT coverage. Whatever your needs, we offer flexible data plans to connect an array of devices across any industry.

Tailored Connectivity Services

IoT connectivity services and solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Simple Management Tools

Effortlessly manage your connectivity and take control of your IoT domestic and international network.

Advanced SIM Technology

Advanced cellular and LPWAN technologies to connect any number of devices.

Seamless Global Roaming

Global roaming agreements for reliable IoT coverage in hundreds of countries.

The Best Rates

Highly competitive rates for IoT data plans that match the exact needs of your application.

IoT Connectivity That Powers Innovation

CS Marketplace IoT Connectivity

IoT SIM Card Plans with Multi-Network Capabilities

Our IoT SIM card plans are borderless and multi-network, giving you global coverage for one flat rate, so your devices can effortlessly roam across continents and through patchy coverage areas. Ideal for mobile, remote and mission-critical applications, anywhere in the world.

Multi-Network Coverage

Global IoT coverage on 600+ cellular networks in over 185 countries worldwide.

Flat-Rate Roaming

Multi-carrier SIM with global cellular IoT connectivity and roaming for one flat rate.

The Best Available Signal

If signal is lost, devices automatically connect to the closest available network.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated in-house team offering expert support and troubleshooting 24/7.

Customized Data Plans

IoT SIM card plans customized to meet your domestic and international data needs..

IoT Suite: One Pane of Glass

A connectivity management platform to control all aspects of your global IoT SIM base.

Multi-IMSI IoT SIM Card Plans

The best IoT SIM cards for mission-critical applications that must avoid downtime at all costs. Our multi-IMSI SIMs are all about reliability. Automatic network-switching technology provides multiple redundancies if signal is lost, maximizing uptime to keep your devices connected. If there is an issue (e.g. loss of data service) on the core network, the IMSI can be switched Over The Air (OTA) to a different IMSI, if the device supports this.

Multi-Network Coverage

Global IoT coverage on 600+ cellular networks in over 185 countries worldwide.

Network Switching

In case of signal loss the SIM will automatically switch to another network.

Combine With eUICC

Remote Over The Air (OTA) provisioning for even greater, on the fly network redundancy.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated in-house team offering expert support and troubleshooting 24/7.

Tailored IoT Data Plans

Custom plans with network-switching technology and resilient multi-IMSI coverage.

IoT Suite: Granular Control

Centralized SIM management platform for granular control of your IoT connectivity.

Single Network IoT SIM Card Plans

These single network IoT SIM cards are the perfect solution for static Internet of Things devices in the US and Canada. For a reliable, cost-effective connectivity solution for local Internet of Things applications in North America, our single network plans offer the best local rates and support from IoT experts.

Single Network Coverage

Coverage on one of the three major United States networks or Canada’s largest network.

The Best Local Rates

Your IoT data at competitive local rates, without having to negotiate with operators.

IoT Suite: One Pane of Glass

A centralized, user-friendly IoT platform to manage all of your global IoT SIM cards.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated in-house team offering expert support and troubleshooting 24/7.

Flexible IoT Data Plans

Flexible IoT data plans ranging from 0.5 MBs to pooled terabytes, or data per line.

Upgrade to Multi-Network

Upgrade to multi-network IoT SIM plans for coverage from multiple carriers, ideal for roaming.

NB-IoT and LTE-M Technologies

For large-scale IoT deployments requiring low-power, wide-area (LPWA) connectivity, we bring you the most advanced Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) and Category M1 (Cat-M1 or LTE-M) technologies.


Connect a high volume of low-data IoT devices in remote, distant, or hard-to-reach locations in Europe and the USA, with ten years on a single battery charge.


Higher bandwidth LTE-M technology offers reliable connectivity in the USA, Central America, and Asia Pacific for IoT deployments requiring low to medium data collection and voice features.

Provision Your IoT SIM with Multiple Profiles for Coverage You Can Depend On

eUICC technology enables a SIM card to store multiple distinct profiles, with a fallback ‘bootstrap’ profile loaded onto the eUICC SIM card at the point of manufacture to allow additional network profiles to be added OTA. These multiple network profiles allow you to switch seamlessly between profiles for uninterrupted IoT connectivity – and for ultimate reliability. Our Multi-IMSI profile can be added as the ‘bootstrap’ to maintain your flexibility even in case of multiple network outages.

One SIM, Multiple Connectivity Options

eUICC SIM cards allow you to store the profiles of multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) on a single card.

eUICC Available On Any Form Factor

Removable or Embedded SIM cards. Benefit without having to upgrade your devices.

Secure Remote Provisioning Architecture

Over the Air (OTA) provisioning allows you to securely manage SIM profiles remotely.

A Programmable SIM For Ultimate Flexibility

Gives you the flexibility to respond immediately to changes in network coverage and pricing

Long-Term Network Reliability

Built to overcome connectivity challenges and capable of evolving for the future.

Additional Resilience With A Multi-IMSI Profile

Combine eUICC with our multi-IMSI profile. Automatically switch for cost-effective network resilience.

eSIM: Integrated Connectivity for Total Peace-of-Mind

Our embedded SIM cards make robust, reliable coverage a reality, today and in the future. eSIMs are non-removable SIM cards embedded in your IoT device at manufacture. eUICC software is then deployed on your embedded SIM hardware to enable multiple network profiles to be provisioned on the eSIM hardware remotely. Embedded SIM cards allow your devices to become more rugged, more reliable, and more physically secure, and our expertise with IoT-specific networking means you can rely on Pod Group’s flexible, cost-effective coverage well into the future.

Rugged Hardware

An eSIM can be soldered inside an IoT device at manufacture and then sealed, making it resistant to water and extreme temperatures.


An eSIM is smaller than a physical SIM, making it suitable for even the smallest IoT devices, as well as freeing up space for larger batteries and more sensors.

OTA Provisioning

Even though an embedded SIM card is not removable, eUICC allows multiple operator profiles to be provisioned on the SIM Over the Air.

Cost Optimization

The eSIM helps to simplify business processes, reducing logistical and manufacturing costs compared to traditional SIM cards in IoT deployments.

ENO ONE SIM: Remote or Roaming Applications Across the USA or Globally

ENO ONE SIM offers complete US coverage. The ability to swap network profiles between North American carriers Over the Air (OTA) provides future-proof, resilient and cost-effective connectivity for a wide range of applications such as fleet monitoring, supply chain, energy, and industrial.

Complete Nationwide Coverage

Coverage on all US networks on ONE SIM.


Can be enabled pre- or post-deployment with a choice of profiles.

Cost Effective

US native tier ONE carriers at discounted local rates.


Build and utilize US multi-network and global profiles as needed.

Low Latency

Lower latency and significantly improve overall performance.

IoT Suite: One Pane of Glass

Control, monitor, real-time data and reporting from One platform.

Take Control of Your Enterprise with Private LTE and 5G Networks

The ultimate in flexible, secure, private networking, Private LTE and 5G networks offer all the advantages of traditional network connectivity – the reliability of CAT cabling, ease of use of WiFi, and scalability of public cellular networks – combined with seamless roaming between public and private spectrum, unlimited network slicing, and extremely low latency. Connect all your IoT assets under one private network, roam on and off between public and private spectrum, and slice your network to your specifications to ‘group’ your assets together. Create a completely private network separate from the public internet, while utilizing the speed and efficiency of LTE – the most secure and resilient enterprise connectivity solution available.

Complete Security

A private network behind your corporate firewall, with data transmitted across the IPX backbone so it never touches the public internet.

Public & Private – Roam On And Off

Create your own private network and seamlessly and securely connect to public LTE spectrum for global roaming and asset tracking.

Network Slicing

‘Slice’ the network into packet gateways for different device groups, managed separately for varying bandwidth, security and QoS requirements.

Own Your Network

Customize every aspect of your network, with a dedicated LTE separate from operator channels and additional IoT services tailored to you.

Multi-User Capacity

Connect a multitude of assets under the same private network with public LTE roaming between sites, and manage all accounts from one platform.

True Future-Proofing

Adapt and expand your network, add tailored IoT services and connect new devices with differing requirements, using LTE and 5G spectrum.

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