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The Future of Energy... Today

Pioneering Clean-Tech Innovation, Dedicated to Enabling a More Reliable Electricity Supply and Supporting the Shift to Net Zero.

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Decentralized Energy Solutions

Our smart energy systems combine the leading advancements in battery storage technology with the ability to draw energy from both traditional and renewable sources simultaneously. This flexibility allows each installation to maximize available resources, improving efficiency and increasing energy independence.

Phantom Energy Rack

Phantom Energy Rack

30KWH-250KWH: The Phantom Energy Rack is an advantageous way to store energy. Configured as a 60-kilowatt hour per rack, units can be used individually or linked together creating a larger power system. Every Energy Rack is equipped with our Smart Technology that provides real-time data monitoring to remotely control your unique energy demands.

Phantom Energy Cube

Phantom Energy Cube

250KWH-1MWH: The Smart Energy Cube provides a secure and reliable energy solution for versatile deployment indoors or out. Delivering unrivaled energy independence drawn from our proprietary net-zero solar technologies, wind turbines, and renewable fuel generators or tied to on-grid power, the Smart Energy Cube equips you with essential power anywhere.

Phantom Energy MegaPack

Phantom MegaPack

1MWH-10+MWH: The Smart Energy MegaPack is a fully self-contained micro-grid. Its utility as an electrical network allows for operation as an on-grid backup store during off-peak hours or in disconnected “island” mode, supplying critical power when needed most. Designed to protect you from an unsure energy future, each micro-grid is engineered to ensure your future is in control.

Universal Energy Source Capable

Phantom Energy's solutions enhance power system flexibility, response, and reliability by enabling electricity from the grid and renewables, including wind, solar and hydro, to be stored and released when power is needed most.

We know we’ll run out of dead dinosaurs to mine for fuel and have to use sustainable energy eventually, so why not go renewable now and avoid increasing risk of climate catastrophe? Betting that science is wrong and oil companies are right is the dumbest experiment in history by far.

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Reliable On-Demand Power Backup

Energy is one link in your supply chain that can never break. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the right solution for you. With more reliable, more sustainable, and more affordable power, we can help move your business forward.

Backup Power Supply

Better Utilization of Renewable Electricity Generation

Load Shifting

Smooth Output Curve

Sell Power Back To The Grid & Cut Your Cost

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Global Installation
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Ongoing Support

Phantom Energy Rack

Scalable: 30KWH-250KWH

The Phantom Energy Rack is an advantageous way to store energy. Configured as a 60-kilowatt hour per rack, units can be used individually or linked together creating a larger power system. Every Energy Rack is equipped with our Smart Technology that provides real-time data monitoring to remotely control your unique energy demands.

Phantom Energy Rack
  • Stores energy off-peak hours, reducing cost & dependence on the grid.

  • Smart Technology provides real-time data monitoring and control.

  • Can be configured to individual or group needs.

  • On-demand power backup.

  • Supports on-grid/off-grid operations.

  • The Phantom Energy Rack can be configured to 60kWh each, and linked together up to to 2.1MWh.

  • Intelligent design that enables both local and remote management.

Phantom Energy Cube

Scalable: 250KWH-1MWH

The  Smart Energy Cube is a versatile and reliable energy solution that can be deployed anywhere in the world in almost any environment. With the ability to draw energy from our proprietary solar technology, wind turbines, hydroelectric or even fuel generators, and grid power, the versatility of the Smart Energy Cube allows for unrivaled energy independence.

Phantom Energy Cube
  • Instantaneous Power: 80kW per hour.

  • 25% Flow Rate: 12.5 Hours (20kW per hour).

  • 50% Flow Rate: 6.3 Hours (40kW per hour).

  • Max Flow Rate: 3.1 Hours (80kW per hour).

Phantom MegaPack

Scalable: 1MWH-10+MWH

The Smart Energy Micro-Grid self-contained electrical network that allows you to generate your own electricity on-site and use it when you need it most. A Smart Energy micro-grid can operate on-grid storing power at off peak hours while connected to the utility grid or in disconnected “island” mode and use renewable technology to generate sustainable electricity on-site, using solar, wind, hydro, or any other power source.

Phantom Energy MegaPack
  • Fulfills all health, safety, and environmental guidelines.

  • Ensures reliable, stable, and quality power availability.

  • Achieves a secure and sustainable energy mix & efficiency.

  • The installation and commissioning process is fast, safe with a reduced footprint.

Phantom Solar

Proprietary Technology

Our solar cells harvest more of the USABLE light spectrum than the competition and use both sides of the solar cell to harvest energy. Our solar panels, deployed at scale (on a container “farm”), put out more power per square foot than any competitor.

Phantom Energy Solar
  • Maximum Output Per Panel: 660w.

  • Standard Configuration: 30 Panels.

  • 30 Panel Energy Maximum Output: 19,800W.

  • Estimated Power Per Day: 150 kWh.

Phantom Wind


We are constantly working towards our goal of meeting globally growing energy demand with power produced using regenerative and environmentally-friendly technologies, and thereby actively driving the energy transition. We use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions for your Phantom Energy system.

Phantom Wind Energy
  • Wind energy is the fastest growing source of electricity in the world.

  •  It is emissions-free, renewable, and cost-effective.

  • Wind turbines are popping up all over the globe as countries work to reduce their carbon footprints and move away from traditional fuels like coal and natural gas.

  • Phantom delivers best-in-class wind power solutions.

  • Use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources.

  • Wind turbine technology is a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source.

Traditional Power Sources

Conventional Backup Energy

Using almost any renewable energy source, Phantom Energy can also utilize conventional backup energy such as fuel generators and power directly from the grid. As a result, these systems can provide significant energy cost savings and environmental benefits by greatly reducing or even eliminating the need for grid power, fuel consumption, and associated emissions.

Phantom Conventional Energy
  • Recharge batteries from the grid at off-peak hours.

  • Sell surplus power back to the grid.

  • Stabilize the grid and power flow.

Remote Monitoring

Real-Time Remote Monitoring & Management

Phantom Energy systems are equipped with remote online monitoring capabilities, allowing real-time monitoring, control access, alerts, power generation statistics, and troubleshooting for anywhere.

Phantom Remote Monitoring
  • Remote online monitoring for real-time control and access.

  • Alerts for any issues or irregularities.

  • Power generation statistics for better management.

  • Troubleshooting for maintenance and repairs.

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